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If you are a retail store, online store, grower, processor or other type of business who wants to purchase our products in bulk, please fill out the wholesale form below. Our wholesale prices are approximately 50% of the MSRP, depending on volume and other factors.

Wholesale status is reserved for verified businesses only, so be sure to fill out all the fields, including your website and business address. We may call you to verify your information. Once your account is approved you will have access to our wholesale catalog.

Oh! And you really should read our terms and conditions before registering. They explain most of the things you need to know about our wholesale program, and will answer most of your questions. If, after reading them, you still have questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 530-368-7593 or email qtestkits@gmail.com.

Thanks! 🙂

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Please fill out every field on this form, including your website and phone number.

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