Owner and Operator

Emanuel Sferios, DanceSafe and QTests founder

Emanuel Sferios

Hello. I’m Emanuel Sferios. In 1998, a few years after counterfeit ecstasy tablets began killing people around the world, I founded DanceSafe. We began offering onsite pill testing services at raves and nightclubs in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since then “drug checking” (as it is now called) has become widely recognized as an important form of harm reduction. Government-funded drug checking programs exist in States across the US, and in most developed countries in Europe and the UK.

Today, hundreds of thousands of drug consumers around the world use colormetric reagent kits and immunoassay test strips to identify the contents of their pills and powders prior to ingesting them.

But until now, rapid quantitative analysis has not been possible. Drug consumers had no way of knowing the potency of the drugs they possessed. With miraculix QTests, that has changed. I am proud to bring these revolutionary new harm reduction products to the US market.

The miraculix Team

Dr. Felix Blei

Founder & CEO. I am lucky to be a scientist and an entrepreneur at the same time. At miraculix my interest in researching natural products and psychotropic substances combines with my job. I am also a proud dad, a motivated athlete in all roll-board sports, and a big fan of physical exercise like calisthenics.

Roxana Preuss

Founder & CSO. After my business studies I was looking for a challenge and a task with meaning. That’s exactly what I found with miraculix. Besides the daily to-dos, I love to dance and be in nature, which is why in summer the garden becomes my second home.

Frank Junger

Founder & CCO. I came to Jena in 2008 where I learned event management. After 15 years of professional experience, I understand the nightlife environment and have experienced many situations where people were affected by unknown substances. Partying and consumption have always gone hand in hand, I am happy to contribute to harm reduction as part of miraculix.