The World’s First Quantitative Drug Checking Kits

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Welcome to, the official US distributor of miraculix drug checking kits, the world’s first quantitative test kits for mushrooms, LSD, MDMA, and other psychoactive substances. Recently developed by Dr. Felix Blei in Jena, Germany, these simple and affordable reagent kits are the first consumer test kits ever created that can tell you the potency of your drugs (the actual concentration of active ingredients).

Harm Reduction

Illicit drug overdoses are a leading cause of death in the US. Even with psychedelics (which from a medical perspective have a lower potential to cause harm), consuming too much can cause unnecessary hospitalizations and psychological trauma. Knowing your dose, therefore, is an important form of harm reduction, and miraculix quantitative test kits provide a significant contribution to safer use practices.

Benefit Enhancement

MDMA and psilocybin are on track to become legal medicines in the US, and as states begin to decriminalize psychedelics, more therapists have begun administering them to patients. Providing the proper dose of any psychedelic medicine is essential to maximize therapeutic outcomes, yet quantitative analysis has until now been prohibitively expensive. QTests offer a scientifically validated method for determining the concentration of unregulated substances, giving more control to both patients and providers.

Products of Science

drug checking kits

In many ways the spearhead of Dr. Felix Blei’s academic career, QTests are the result of years of painstaking laboratory research, validation and confirmation.

Unlike other drug checking kits on the market, QTests first separate the active ingredient from the substance. Then, using a carefully prepared volume of selectively reactive reagents, the quantity (i.e., concentration or potency) of active ingredient can be measured using a simple gradation color chart.

The results of all QTests have been repeatedly validated using HPLC analysis, and the evaluation scales have been specially calibrated and tested on numerous volunteers in controlled laboratory studies. Under standard conditions, no volunteer ever mis-estimated the actual result by more than one color field above or below the correct one, giving QTests a margin of error within 10% of HPLC (and even HPLC can fluctuate up to 10% in accuracy).

BEWARE: Despite claims made by some online test kit sellers, QTests are the only potency test kits on the market. They not only show whether or not a certain substance is present, but also tell you its concentration. This combination is unique among drug checking kits.

Read more about the science behind miraculix QTests.

Useful for Many

Research & Industry

QTests assist laboratory researchers by offering fast and affordable quantitative drug analysis without the high costs of GCMS, HPLC and other more expensive technologies.

Drug Checkers

Due to the rising overdose epidemic, CDC-recommended drug checking programs now exist in many cities. QTests provide quantitative data for analysis-based interventions and drug supply monitoring.


Knowledge is power. Knowing your dose prior to ingesting any drug gives you control over your experience, reducing potential harm and maximizing the intended benefits.

Growers & Processors

Are you a grower or value-added processor? Protect your investment as well as consumer safety by quantifying your cannabis or mushroom products prior to distribution.

Backed with Integrity

Emanuel Sferios in his home DanceSafe office

Hi. I’m Emanuel Sferios, founder of DanceSafe. In 1998, after counterfeit ecstasy tablets began killing young people around the world, I began offering free ecstasy pill testing services at raves and nightclubs in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since then DanceSafe has grown into the largest peer-based drug checking organization in the United States.

More recently, I led the research and development of a new, improved test strip that does not produce false positives at practical drug checking concentrations. These strips are manufactured by the Irwindale, California company, W.H.P.M.

It has been my personal and professional commitment for the past 24 years to bring transparency and integrity to the drug checking industry. This task has become more difficult lately, as more vendors have entered the market, many of whom claim their kits offer quantitative results. I can say with certainty that miraculix QTests are the first products I’ve assessed that actually detect potency as advertised.

This is one reason I am excited to be working with the folks at miraculix. Felix, Roxana and Frank have operated with the utmost integrity in both their scientific work as well as their business dealings. I must say I am proud to be the official US distributor of miraculix QTests. These easy-to-use reagent test kits represent a major step forward in harm reduction, public health, and consumer safety. Check them out in our store.